Synology DS918+ Versus a Custom FreeNAS Build

Synology DS918+ Versus a Custom FreeNAS Build Synology NAS or FreeNAS? Which should you Buy? There’s no denying it NAS are expensive devices. It’s never really been a secret that when you buy a Synology or QNAP NAS, half of what you’re paying for isn’t the hardware, but the software included. It is no different […]

DS918+ vs DS1618+

DS1618+ vs DS918+ NAS – Which Synology Should you buy? If you are thinking about buying a Synology NAS in 2018 and want to leverage your available storage against a robust RAID solution, then chances are you have heard about the Synology DS918+ 4-Bay NAS and the DS1618+ 6-Bay NAS. Arriving with impressive internal and […]

QNAP TS-253B Vs TS-253Be Vs TS-453B Vs TS-453Be NAS

QNAP TS-x53B or TS-x53Be – What is the Difference? QNAP has been in the business of NAS for a truly heroic number of years. Between them and their big rival Synology, the network attached server market is pretty well dominated. As the years has passed and the models have been released, certain themes and brand preferences […]

QNAP TS-453B Vs TS-453BT3 – What are the REAL differences?

Thunderbolt or Not – Should you buy the QNAP TS-453B or TS-453BT3 NAS? When choosing the best Network Attached Storage (NAS) device for your home or business needs, the last thing you want to do is buy something that is not going to do everything that you want it to do. Too often we buy […]

QNAP TS-453B, TS-453Be and TS-453BT3 16GB Upgrade Guide

How to Upgrade the RAM in your QNAP TS-453B, TS-453BT3 and TS-453Be NAS to 16GB Back in 2017 when the QNAP TS-453B NAS was first released, many users were surprised at the maximum memory limit that the manufacturers stated ion the specifications. With the Intel J series chip that QNAP TS-453B NAS arrives with, it did […]

Synology RS3618xs vs RS3617xs Rackmount NAS Comparison

Which Synology RackStation Deserves your Data – RS3618xs vs RS3617xs? Rackmount NAS devices are by far the most enterprise way in which you can make your data both network and internet accessible. It isn’t just the cost that most people are put off by when buying a rackmount NAS server, the sheer hardware involved and included with […]

Synology DS1517+ vs DS918+ NAS Comparison

Should you Buy the Synology DS918+ or DS1517+ NAS? Synology NAS is probably one of the biggest names in the industry. Providing hardware for home and business users alike, they have been known for their user-friendly software design, sleek modern chassis and accessibility to anyone with even the smallest amount of IT Experience. Last spring […]

Synology DS118 vs DS116 vs DS115J NAS Comparison

Which Synology 1-Bay NAS  is Best – DS118, DS116 or DS115J? A 1 Bay NAS is often overlooked as a sensible backup option. The main reason being that even though you’ve got network access to a whole hard drive’s worth of data, the issue lies in the subject of RAID. RAID, or redundant array of […]

Should you Buy the Synology DS118 or the Synology DS116 NAS?

Synology DS118 versus the DS116 – Which NAS should you buy? Synology has become pretty much the go-to name in network attached storage over the years for home users who just want a solution that can be setup easily, filled up with data and then largely ignored. They are not the only NAS brand out […]

What is NAS? An Idiot’s Guide to Network Attached Storage

What is NAS? I know it seems like a bloody obvious question to many of you, but all to often people find themselves in a position that they are required to buy one, without really know what a NAS actually is. There is no shame in not knowing about NAS (Network Attached Storage) till now […]

Asustor NAS 2018

Why Choose Asustor NAS in 2018? Of all the NAS brands that we discuss here on NASCompares, one of the ones that everyone has heard of, yet barely anyone can name many of their range. This is not always a bad thing, few users outside of the (rather snobby) apple community can name both the […]

Best 4-Bay NAS 0f 2018

The Best 4-Bay NAS of 2018 With the growth of popularity in Network Attached storage (NAS) many users who are even the tiniest bit familiar with data storage will want to ensure that their NAS server is providing a good balance of storage space and power. A Good, solid NAS is an investment and most […]

Sonnet Thunderbolt 3 Guide

Who are Sonnet Technologies and why should you care? After my recent posts about the BVE Expo, one brand that especially stood out (despite it being almost completely unconnected with NAS) was the largely Mac favoured brand, Sonnet. Normally I would not stray so far outside of network storage territory, but this is going to […]

QNAP TS-453B or WD My Cloud Pro PR4100

The Best 4-Bay NAS for Plex of the Year – The WD My Cloud Pro PR4100 My Cloud Pro PR4100 Plex NAS £460 ex.VAT Price – 8/10 Hardware – 8/10 Software – 7/10 Looking for the perfect NAS for your Plex Media Server? You should seriously consider the WD PR4100 NAS. Although WD has a fantastic reputation in […]

Best QNAP 2-Bay NAS of 2018

Best 2-Bay QNAP NAS in 2018 The Best Backup NAS The Best Download Multimedia, DAS/NAS File Server The Budget Media Server NAS The HD Transcoding an Virtualization NAS The Compact, Low Power Quiet NAS Media Server The 4K Transcoding Media and Virtualization NAS Server The Portable Presentation &  Team Collaboration Share NAS The Business HD Video […]

Best QNAP 4-Bay NAS of 2018

Best 4-Bay QNAP NAS in 2018 There is no escaping it, every day we use, create, need and store data. The growth and evolution of Network Attached Storage have been a fast and more and more people in 2016 are finding the need for a NAS Server in their lives. 4-Bay NAS devices are no […]

Thunderbolt 2 and Thunderbolt 3 QNAP NAS Range

Guide to the  2018 Thunderbolt QNAP NAS Range QNAP NAS with Thunderbolt 2 and Thunderbolt 3 provides blazing-fast bandwidth (with incredible speeds for direct attached storage with Thunderbolt over IP) and enables an unprecedented high-speed connection with Thunderbolt 3 devices (including the new MacBook Pro). QNAP Thunderbolt 3 NAS is also backward compatible with USB […]