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MAC mini with jriver multimedia setup alternative

Hi! Thanks for offering free advice. I’m not sure whether to take the plunge with NAS or not. I’ve been looking at the internet and going round in circles. Any thoughts gratefully accepted. Setup: My fairly decent hifi: DAC + Naim 102/180) and TV are both in the living room. Media Source is a (oldish) […]

How many virtual machines can I run on my Qnap NAS?

How many VMs do you think that 873 can handle? My goal is to build a Windows 2016 or 2019 server and then in the server user Hyper V and build a WSUS server and a Deployment server for imaging and also have a few Win 10 VMs for testing the various server features. TVS-873e […]

Mac Compatible Data Migration Software for Synology NAS

Hi there, big fan. Thanks for all your information. I just purchased the Synology DS418play. I am building a home office database for my photography business. I currently use several 3TB drives in docking stations for my archive process, no raid system, just individual drives duplicated over time. I’m wondering what your best advice is […]

NAS Drive for a Mac Home?

Choosing the Right NAS for Home and Family We are a home with all Apple devices and need a backup solution. There is an iMac, 4 MacBooks, and 4 iPhones. There are also 4 iPads, but those have never been backed-up on the past. We have been using a Time Capsule but it is maxed […]

Can you use any external hard drive for Time Machine?

DAS for MAC Existing system is MacBook Pro (Retina, 15 inch, Mid 2014) processor: 2.2 GHz Intel Core i7; memory: 16 GB 1600MHz DDR3; flash storage: 251 GB running macOS Mojave 10.14.6. Automatic Time Machine back-up to AirPort Time Capsule and separate Back-up to Backblaze. I am considering the addition of external hard drive to […]

Best VM server for 4-8 virtual machines

I’ve been watching@robbieonthetube for a number of months and have learned a great deal but as I come down to finally pulling the trigger, is like some final guidance and/or reassurance. I’m looking to get into archiving my DVD/Blu-Ray collection. Additionally, this will become the primary target for all files. While in use I may […]

NAS for MAC Based/Video Editors on Adobe Premiere

MAC Based/Video Editors on Adobe Premiere We have 4 mac’s that we run Adobe Premiere on and we are looking for a simple NAS solution. We are on a corporate network so the iMac’s (2) would need Thunderbolt 3 connectivity somehow. I assume there is a converter from 10gb ethernet to T3? The other 2 […]

NAS for New Mac Mini – Itunes , Sonos, Sync, bakup

I am about to purchase a mac mini to replace and old Mac and have been going down the rabbit hole of storage options, learning about SSD, HDD, RAID, NAS. Here are a few things that I’m hoping to accomplish: 1. Store and backup my family photo and video library – this is priority #1. […]

NAS as Data storage for my Virtual machines – over ISCSI

I currently have a trusty old QNAP TS-410, which I’ve had since 2009. It’s run like a trooper for almost 10 years, but I think most will agree it’s now in desperate need of an upgrade, as I struggle to do what I want to do with it nowadays. My main use of my existing […]

Best NAS for 2-3 users all MAC based

Best NAS for….. Looking for advice for a simple to use NAS for 2-3 users all MAC based computers for multiple Time machine backups and storage of photography backups (though not necessarily editing from a NAS). Principally it will be used for backups and Time Machines. And used by non-techie Mac users (pun intended) 🙂  […]

Can I install a copy of Mac on the Synology

I prefer to run Mac these days although i do have a copy of windows too, can i install a copy of Mac on the Synology? If so how? There is a way to install MAC OS on a PC or virtual machine. For the best performance, you would need a NAS with Pentium or […]

Most reliable backup NAS for Linux Mac and Windows

I like to have advise for my new NAS, the Synology DS918++ or the Qnap TS-435B unless you have a better suggestion. 1-Most important is prevent data loss. A very solid way to install a replaced faulty drive and copy the data to it has my highest priority. How can I access my data if […]

Mac & Windows Synchronization

Mac & Windows Synchronization My question is why is the best way to setup a NAS that plays nicely between Mac and pc in near enough all areas. For instance…. 1 Able to share the same documents such as word and excel in the same folders for both Mac and PC. 2, Not limited by […]


I have a mid 2010 Mac Pro tower which I have just upgraded the CPU as well as graphics card. I’m a very small freelance photographer/videographer. I do mostly volunteer work and want to start vloging for my travels. My Mac Pro has 4 sata slots as well as 4 pcie slots (3 already taken […]

Best file share/file backup NAS with RAID1 for Mac and PCs

I am looking to buy a NAS that is fit for a home file share/file backup. I would like to use RAID 1 (redundancy) and have 4TB of storage available in a 2 bay enclosure. I have both Mac and PCs in the house. I work in IT so I should be able to figure […]

Windows and macOS accessible NAS for picture backups

For family pictures, I currently have a 1TB raid setup on my desktop. I back that up to an external periodically. We’re running out of space. Would like to set up a NAS that is accessible by Windows and macOS. We both use iPhones and importing pictures on Windows has become a pain. I would […]

Backup laptops, macbook, iphones to a NAS

At this stage, I’m thinking a 2-bay NAS would work and I’m tossing up between the Synology DS218 and QNAP TS-251A but would like to get your advice on which you think would be more suitable, either out of these or other Synology/QNAPs. Below are the things I want the NAS for: – backup 2 […]

DS118 and Mac Time machine

How to back up files from Mac to Synology NAS with Time Machine Overview This article will guide you through the process of backing up data from your Mac OS X computer to a Synology DiskStation using Apple’s Time Machine, a backup utility included in Mac OS X 10.5 and later. Contents Set up DiskStation to […]